Venture capitalist founder of Touchdown Ventures & DFJ Frontier, USC & UCLA adjunct professor, father of twins, Philly sports Phan, Forbes contributor
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One of the top myths in our economy today is that startups and large corporations are enemies locked in an endless war. The conventional wisdom is that establishment entities prey on vulnerable entrepreneurs, or that ambitious upstarts disrupt obsolete dinosaurs.

In reality, startups and corporations can work together to disrupt…

We are excited to announce that Mel Gaceta has joined Touchdown as our newest Venture Partner.

In his new role, Mel will help manage our consumer investing practice. He brings 20+ years of corporate venture capital experience in multiple sectors such as CPG, food, technology, and financial services. Most recently…

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Have you ever participated in a series of on-site job interviews, moving from one meeting to another for a half day or even a full day of grill sessions? It’s exhausting, right?

For job candidates, these interviews can feel like Groundhog Day, being asked the same questions about their job…

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How should venture capitalists and corporate innovators assess Din Djarin, the protagonist of The Mandalorian? He’s introduced as a bounty hunter, a mercenary vocation in the Star Wars mythos that has been reserved primarily for villains.

I think one of the most interesting aspects of Jon Favreau’s show is how…

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The norms in venture capital have changed a lot since I started in the business in the early 1990s: in those days, syndicates were typically smaller, and any investment by a professional venture firm usually was accompanied by a formal role on the startup’s board of directors.

30 years later…

Merging lanes? Make sure everyone is ready. Image: Touchdown Ventures

I’ve personally participated in the creation of more than a dozen corporate venture capital (CVC) programs. In most of the examples I’ve seen, these efforts are championed by corporate development professionals who understand the need to bring external innovation inside the corporation. …

Scott Lenet

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