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Venture capitalist founder of Touchdown Ventures & DFJ Frontier, USC & UCLA adjunct professor, father of twins, Philly sports Phan, Forbes contributor

Is there a creed in venture capital?

Image: Aimee Blase

What’s required to “lead” a venture capital deal

Image: Shutterstock

A guide for serving on startup boards

Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes an investment makes more sense than M&A

Merging lanes? Make sure everyone is ready. Image: Touchdown Ventures

Ownership requires stewardship

Image: Shutterstock

Opportunities for VCs to address racial inequity

Image used with permission from Victor Varnado

How to assess syndicate partners

Image: Shuttestock

Racial Equality & Human Rights

Image: Ahmed H. Moustafa for Shutterstock

They organize innovation efforts

Image: Shutterstock

Defend your existing responsibilities, then prepare to go on offense to acquire new assets

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Scott Lenet

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